• The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • ~ Hoi An to Hue ~

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    Okay, you absolutely cannot just get the bus from Hoi An to Hue. You will miss the beauty that is the Hai Van Pass. While you’re in Hoi An, if you don’t already know how to ride a scooter, hire a scooter and give yourself some practice. This is because you absolutely have to ride […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • The wonderful Hoi An!

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    Hoi An is still one of my favourite locations in Vietnam, and this was my second time there! There is just something about the atmosphere and town that just draws me in every time. It is culture-rich Asian beauty at its best. It’s not like there is even loads to do, it is just a […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Nha Trang… To Go or Not to Go.

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    I’m just going to put it out there… Nha Trang (for me) was a little plain. Not as culture rich as perhaps the rest of Vietnam, very touristy and for some reason there is a particularly large amount of russian travellers and residents. Nha Trang’s draw card is its beach. Nha Trang beach is quite […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Hello Vietnam! First stop Ho Chi Minh…

    *Note: Aussies, we get just over 15,000 dong per Australian Dollar* Woooooooo! After about 14 hours I make it from Sydney, Australia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (with a small transit in Changi Airport, Singapore). I walk out of the airport with nervous energy rushing through my veins. This is my first time travelling […]

  • Packing
  • The backpack!

    Jump straight to packing list! MMM… packing your bag! The single LEAST exciting/motivating thing to think about when forming your travel plans, HOWEVER it is the SINGLE MOST VITAL DECISION MAKING PROCESS! First tip: DO NOT pack your backpack with your mum in the room! Mine, came under the illusion that she was all for the […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Setting off…

    Since graduating high school in 2014, I have been interested in backpacking. What started as a plan for a trip for two friends to Europe, swiftly transformed into a solo backpacking expedition to Southeast Asia. I tried -SUPER HARD- to form some sort of backpacking route, which I soon found was near impossible to plan. Every step […]