• The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Halong Bay – a castaway tour!


    Photo Credit Instagram – @vagabonding_around Click link for more great snaps! I decided to do Halong Bay as part of a tour. Firstly, as I had been there before, I had done the nice boat trip with my family already and secondly, as I’m a solo backpacker I wanted the opportunity to make a few […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Hanoi, the busy city!


    Feature Image Credit – @popannes89 Okay, according to backpackers you’re either a lover of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. I can definitely say Hanoi was more my thing. A culture-filled city location, you really can lose time there. I spent almost two weeks just in Hanoi! There isn’t particularly much to do once you’ve attended […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Dong Hoi and Phong Nha, an adventure!


    Photo Credit: Victoria Reynolds-Cocroft I thought best to combine Dong Hoi and Phong Nha as for me Dong Hoi only serviced as a stopover for me to get to Phong Nha. Upon talking to other backpackers however, I don’t believe there is much there, tourist-wise. Everything on trip advisor for Dong Hoi was about getting […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Hue, the mad city!


    Featured Image – Photo Credit: Sian Denholm Hue, pronounced ‘hway’, is recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It has many historical features, especially connected to the war. It is home to the Citadel, many emperors tombs and pagodas. Personally as I was only there for a limited amount of time in this busy […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • ~ Hoi An to Hue ~

    Location header

    Okay, you absolutely cannot just get the bus from Hoi An to Hue. You will miss the beauty that is the Hai Van Pass. While you’re in Hoi An, if you don’t already know how to ride a scooter, hire a scooter and give yourself some practice. This is because you absolutely have to ride […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • The wonderful Hoi An!

    Hoi An Header

    Hoi An is still one of my favourite locations in Vietnam, and this was my second time there! There is just something about the atmosphere and town that just draws me in every time. It is culture-rich Asian beauty at its best. It’s not like there is even loads to do, it is just a […]

  • The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Nha Trang… To Go or Not to Go.

    Nah Trang Header

    I’m just going to put it out there… Nha Trang (for me) was a little plain. Not as culture rich as perhaps the rest of Vietnam, very touristy and for some reason there is a particularly large amount of russian travellers and residents. Nha Trang’s draw card is its beach. Nha Trang beach is quite […]