• The Virgin Backpacker 2016
  • Hello Vietnam! First stop Ho Chi Minh…

    *Note: Aussies, we get just over 15,000 dong per Australian Dollar* Woooooooo! After about 14 hours I make it from Sydney, Australia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (with a small transit in Changi Airport, Singapore). I walk out of the airport with nervous energy rushing through my veins. This is my first time travelling […]

  • Packing
  • The backpack!

    Jump straight to packing list! MMM… packing your bag! The single LEAST exciting/motivating thing to think about when forming your travel plans, HOWEVER it is the SINGLE MOST VITAL DECISION MAKING PROCESS! First tip: DO NOT pack your backpack with your mum in the room! Mine, came under the illusion that she was all for the […]