How to Be a Responsible Family Travel Champion: Top Tips

This article is a supplement to our particular give attention to Family Travel and Responsible Tourism.

Many traveling families new to the notion of accountable tourism typically consider that there have to be further effort involved. In any case, the thought of being “responsible” about something typically includes an obligation. Mother and father are chargeable for the care of their youngsters, for instance.

Travelers additional typically assume that responsible tourism practices carry additional costs consistent with the obligations they’re possible to face.

Neither conclusion is essentially right.

It will be significant for youngsters to study to respect the natural world at an early age. Photograph courtesy of Sandos Resorts & Resorts

Responsible tourism is as straightforward — and useful and rewarding — as the accountable actions mother and father absorb caring for his or her youngsters. And it ought to be motivated by the identical causes: concern, love and even obligation. On this case, it’s to the planet we name residence and the individuals, animals and crops who inhabit it.

Cayuga CollectionResponsible tourism can also be no kind of costly than some other sort of travel. Responsible behaviors are usually not specific to any finances — not made simpler or harder by the decision to tough it or seek maximum pampering.

So what EXACTLY is responsible tourism? And how can households adopt accountable journey practices that may match effortlessly into their plans to take pleasure in a vacation break… and maybe even encourage new methods to ensure it? How can families be confident that they’ll match into their journey designs without breaking their travel banks?

I asked specialists to share their prime ideas for serving to households to make responsible journey selections. Right here’s what that they had to say.



“Be ready to walk and explore and not spend your vacation sitting next to the pool. Come determined to try new things, especially the flavors of each place. You cannot cross the world to consume the products of your daily life.”
— Fernando Jiménez D., Experience and Sustainability Supervisor, Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort, a part of the Cayuga Collection

Higher yet: “Get as far from your comfort zone as possible – the further away, the more you ‘grow.’”
— Enrique M. Velasco, Director, Coltur

Elevate DestinationsWhy? As a result of “Responsible travel is about giving new places and experiences a chance to prove themselves! Branch out and away from the norm!”
— Sandra Desautels, Director of Advertising, Elevate Destinations


“Even little tips about cultural sensitivity are important, such as respecting the cultural rules of covering your shoulders and knees when entering sacred sites or temples.”
— Sandra Desautels, Director of Advertising, Elevate Destinations

That is extra necessary than many individuals understand. It means in search of information before, during and after a trip.

Say HuequeEarlier than you go, “Stay informed with the latest news and trends and be mindful of how to minimize your impact when visiting new locales.”
— Rafa Mayer, Founder and CEO, Say Hueque

“Be clear what types of flora and fauna you can find, and how you should act to avoid a bad time. Talk and interact with the staff and the people of each country.”
— Fernando Jiménez D., Experience and Sustainability Manager, Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort, a part of the Cayuga Collection

How can you do that? Evaluate a firm’s, lodge’s or destination’s website, social media channels and weblog. They’re nice ways to study and from a tourism establishment.

Sandos “We’re able to spread awareness to potential future guests about why eco-friendly travel practices are so essential while they’re still in the decision-making process. Then once they reach the resort, we have signs throughout the property detailing how and why they should be eco-conscious travelers, like why they shouldn’t feed french fries to the wild animals, how to save water in their room, why we encourage guests not to use straws in their drinks, and how paying beach vendors for photos with exotic animals contributes to animal exploitation and mistreatment.”
— Ruben Pachon, Content material Supervisor, Sandos Inns & Resorts

Whatever occurs “Don’t let fear rule your decision-making. We won’t send you somewhere that isn’t safe for your family. We will make sure you are with a guide, take proper precautions and have an amazing time.”
— Sandra Desautels, Director of Advertising, Elevate Locations

Global Family Travels


“We encourage our vacationers to let the nation be their guide and permit for flexibility whereas traveling … often-times it is the sudden encounter that’s etched in the reminiscences when returning house. Taking time to prepare our vacationers evokes them to broaden their household circle.
— Jennifer Spatz, Founder, International Family Travels

Il Viaggio Travel“Accept and respect the idiosyncrasies of locals. Visit during a festivity.”
— Stephanie Sheehy, Basic Supervisor, Il Viaggio Travel


“Lend your support, give wisely (include a donation in a local school or foundation or village).”
— Stephanie Sheehy, Common Manager, Il Viaggio Travel

“Volunteer or give back in some way during your travels. Follow your passion, involve yourself in the local culture and leave an imprint.”
— Mike Wang, Director of Sales, Travelex Insurance coverage Providers

Travelex Insurance Services

“Come prepared to give back to the community: visit a school, ask about what to bring from home, make sure to plant a tree during your stay.”
— Guillermo Mulder, Experience and Sustainability Supervisor, Lapa Rios Lodge, a part of the Cayuga Assortment


Cayuga Collection “Families tend to take large amounts of luggage including toiletries and or packaged goods that aren’t needed.”
— Guillermo Mulder, Experience and Sustainability Supervisor, Lapa Rios Lodge, part of the Cayuga Collection

Waste administration is a problem everywhere in the world, particularly in locations recognized for their sustainability, resembling national parks, personal reserves, secluded communities, remote seashores and so forth.

“Make sure to consult your host about what to bring and what to leave home, as a destination that is really committed to the responsible use of resources will have all necessary recommendations and services in place to prevent you from unnecessarily creating a negative impact on local conservation efforts.”
— Guillermo Mulder, Experience and Sustainability Manager, Lapa Rios Lodge, a part of the Cayuga Collection

Wilderness Scotland Additionally, “Extra weight on luggage increases the consumption of fuels. Consider looking for ‘carbon off set trips’ too.”
— Stephanie Sheehy, Common Supervisor, Il Viaggio Travel


“Read up on Leave No Trace and reduce your impact on wild places and their ecosystems.”
— Sonja Jones, Content material Advertising Supervisor, Wilderness Scotland

So as to protect the character we still have, it’s necessary to behave appropriately whereas out in nature, especially since they impression the communities that stay alongside.

Tourism Fiji “There are over 170 protected marine areas in Fiji. These marine areas are protected and managed by nearby villages and restrict fishing, diving and other nautical activities. The villages are happy to have this responsibility as it helps ensure their primarily food source from the ocean and lagoons are being protected for their future…. There are also numerous non-profits throughout the country that have been put in place to ensure a natural, pristine playground for generations to come.”
— Jonathan Reap, PR for North America, Tourism Fiji

Importantly, “Experience the wilderness using human power, be that on foot, by bike, kayak, canoe or sailing boat.” And to get the place you’re going, “Try to make the least carbon footprint as possible by taking mass transportation.”
— Claire André de Cerff, Analysis & Improvement Supervisor, Inkaterra

For instance, “Make connections by train to reduce emissions.”
— Sonja Jones, Content material Advertising Manager, Wilderness Scotland


Inkaterra “Consider purchasing some things you need locally. That way you end up supporting the local community in more than one way.”
— Guillermo Mulder, Expertise and Sustainability Manager, Lapa Rios Lodge, part of the Cayuga Assortment

It not want only be for sensible things: “Support local communities by buying from local artisans” too.
— Claire André de Cerff, Research & Improvement Manager, Inkaterra

“Select local (start with your local ground operator, local experts, guides, artisans, souvenirs, restaurants, buy local).”
— Stephanie Sheehy, Common Manager, Il Viaggio Travel


Wallace Pierson Travel “Choose a travel supplier that will not only support organizations where you travel, but will teach you how to make a positive impact. Maybe even offer an opportunity to get involved with one of the organizations during the trip.”
— Angela Pierson, Wallace Pierson Travel

Embracing duty in travel is one thing vacationers AND journey planners and providers must do.

Vacationers can actively “Choose providers who embrace sustainable practices.”
— Claire André de Cerff, Research & Improvement Manager, Inkaterra

“In responsible travel, choosing travel providers and destinations that are giving back to the environment and supporting the local population is key.”
— Jonathan Reap, PR for North America, Tourism Fiji

“Explore itineraries that include sustainability, adventure, personal growth, enjoyment, art, culture and creativity. We have a strong commitment to engaging local communities and businesses throughout our operations and supporting these communities is essential to help protect and preserve local culture and enhances our client’s overall experience.”
— Sonja Jones, Content Advertising Supervisor, Wilderness Scotland

“We sometimes steer our vacationers in the direction of lodges with better environmental and employment practices. We are also very strict about not booking sure touring activities akin to elephant rides, tiger temples, strolling with lions and different actions we deem damaging to wildlife and animals’ properly being. We work to vet our nonprofit companions and collaborate with reputable conservation organizations and social tasks.“
— Sandra Desautels, Director of Advertising, Elevate Destinations

“We also offer them a unique way of doing responsible travel which we call the TREASURE HUNT FAMILY EXPERIENCE. With this unique itinerary families bod, learn and interact with amazing sustainable activities without even realizing it.”
— Stephanie Sheehy, Common Manager, Il Viaggio Travel

“We meet with our families to gain an understanding of their motivations to travel and what they would like to gain from immersive experiences on our tours.”
— Jennifer Spatz, Founder, International Family Travels

Nevertheless, not every journey professional could also be as aware of the necessity to be responsible.

“If using a travel professional, and responsible travel is a priority for you, make sure to speak up, ask questions, and learn more about how you can get involved.”
— Rafa Mayer, Founder and CEO, Say Hueque

It’s a two-way road, in fact!

“If our travelers come to us with a request for something that we think is ethically compromising, we will explain why we don’t book those tours or experience and suggest better alternatives.”
— Sandra Desautels, Director of Advertising, Elevate Locations

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