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New Zealand houses are sh*tty and cold: a rant

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There was as soon as a time once I was innocent. A time once I lived naively in heat, insulated bliss, absolutely taking without any consideration the fashionable innovation of indoor heating. Then I moved to New Zealand.

Coming from the USA, I admit I used to be privileged and spoiled with central heating and double pane home windows. The thought of sporting a jacket inside was absurd and typically, I’d be warm sufficient to stroll round in a t-shirt come wintertime.

Those days are gone. I’ve been dwelling in New Zealand for 4 years now and my innocence has long left me. It was an abrupt, rude awakening that flung me from the warm blossom of my centrally heated condo in Chicago and into the frigid New Zealand chilly houses the place in the event you’re not sporting 5 layers, you’re not doing it right.

I admit, New Zealand is shifting in the direction of improvement, albeit on the measurement of a paralyzed turtle, however change is coming. New Zealand chilly houses are still all the craze.

Extra house builders are ponying up for better insulating houses as an alternative of embracing the previous Kiwi values of the cheaper the higher. For those of you on the other aspect, basking in your tank tops and warmth indoors, let me take a few moments to spotlight your luck and privilege, lest you overlook.

And earlier than you inform me to shut up and cope with it or go back to the USA, let me simply say I do know this rant is going nowhere.

No, I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon and I perceive my complaining isn’t going to unravel something however when you should vent, you might want to vent. Ya know? So simply shut up and depart me be.

Here’s a fast break down of all that’s incorrect with Kiwi houses within the winter.

new zealand cold houses

1. The home windows

Before I moved to New Zealand, I had never as soon as thought-about home windows, have you ever?

I merely took them as a right and accepted them as a regular construction in the house however never as soon as did I ponder concerning the development or design or perform. Home windows have been windows, proper?


Windows, as I’m positive any actual home-owner might inform you, is a massive key in preserving your home warm. In New Zealand, it’s simply now in 2019 turning into customary to double glaze your home windows. (Scorching tip: Double Glazing is Kiwi for double pane windows).

new zealand cold houses

Home windows here have precisely one piece of glass and because there’s no two-pane system the place the interior glass is warmer than the exterior, you get heaps of condensation inside.

When the warm air in the house meets the chilly window pane, the moister within the air condenses on the glass so if you wake up within the morning, you’ve obtained dripping moist home windows. Individuals cope with moisture in several ways. Some towel down the home windows while others just depart it’s. Some individuals open up all the home windows for the morning and let it dry out.

If opening the home windows very first thing within the morning IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER is the very last thing you need to do whenever you wake up to a frosty morning, you’re not alone.

Windows right here haven’t any screens and are hooked up by hinges that permit the window to open outward. Typically those hinges secure the window shut but typically, if the home windows are older, the seal is just not so tight so until you’re a swanky MoFo dwelling in a model new home, odds are you’re going to be feeling these drafts all the time. Until you…

new zealand cold houses

2. Spend money on curtains

Before shifting to New Zealand, I assumed curtains have been things used solely by fancy people who needed to tastefully adorn their double French Doorways. All my life we had blinds to maintain out the light (and peeping Toms) however nobody I knew had curtains. What’s the point?

In New Zealand, curtains do greater than hold the surface world away; they are a huge part of your home’s insulation.

As an alternative of just investing in double pane home windows, Kiwis will literally spend hundreds of dollars on curtains to help maintain within the warmth. For those who’re picturing those low cost Ikea curtains get that thought out of your head proper now.

This is New Zealand. The whole lot is second hand and every thing is dear, even if it’s ugly.

new zealand cold houses

three. The heating source

Once you’ve determined a plan of motion to maintain your warmth inside, you’ve received to determine the right way to get the heat in the first place.

Luckily in Wanaka, we are allowed wood burning stoves and fireplaces although many elements of the country (I’m taking a look at you Christchurch) aren’t as lucky. In case you’ve obtained a wooden burning stove, you principally have to get your firewood order in the lifeless of summer time when icy winter nights are the last thing on your mind.

Suppliers run out right here so until you need to pay an extreme premium, you’ve gotta get that wood nicely before you assume you need it. And also you need to ensure you have time to dry it out – no one needs moist wooden in the midst of winter.

new zealand cold houses

In the event you’re in a warmer house (i.e. good insulation and double pane windows – you lucky bastard), you will get away with fewer meters of wood but should you’re in a dungeon that receives no pure mild (like me), you’re going to wish 6-9 meters of excellent dry wood to see you through the chilly spells.

Our home spends almost $1,000 a winter on wood and that doesn’t even rely our different heating sources. Most houses around us use a lot of electrical blankets and scorching water bottles at night time to remain warm.

Should you’re one of the unlucky ones with out a wood burning stove, you’re most probably utilizing a warmth pump or plug-in radiators. As you’ll be able to think about, that ain’t low cost. And because there’s central heating that distributes heat by means of a collection of related pipes, solely the room with the heat source is going to be warm which brings me to….

new zealand cold houses

four. The absurd quantity of doorways

I reside in a 3 bed room house with two loos and there are at a minimum 10 inner doorways.

I’m not even counting doors to closets or storage spaces, simply doors that join our dwelling areas. There’s the surface door that allows you to in. Then there’s another door a few meters after that to REALLY let you into the home.

Then you’ve got the door to the hallway which connects to the doors to the toilet, rest room, and bedrooms.

Oh and don’t overlook concerning the door on the prime of the steps.

It’s the basic old fashioned Kiwi means of as an alternative of just fixing the basis drawback, they place a bunch of bandaids it hoping the patch job will work. Significantly, if New Zealand simply took all of this money they spend on inner doors and invested them into correct insulation, perhaps I wouldn’t be having this rant at all.

They do this, in fact, to keep the heat in the rooms they need to maintain heat. New Zealand heats their houses in response to which rooms they anticipate spending time in.

Those rooms are often the living room and a bedroom however virtually never the toilet or toilet. For those who’ve never needed to put on a puffy to go to the toilet and dreaded pulling your pants down to take a seat on an icy rest room seat, you’ve not been to New Zealand’s South Island in winter.

new zealand cold houses

5. The “insulation” in quotes

Ceiling and underfloor insulation shall be required by July 1, 2019. Wahoo about time!

Meaning for all the 21st century, Kiwi houses have by no means been required to be insulated. The new requirements will even not have an effect on wall insulation which stays non-compulsory. Damnit!

The new code will require houses to satisfy a certain “R-value” based mostly on where the house is situated. Our home, which meets code, is insulated beneath with some styrofoam cutouts shoved into the bottom of the home. For sure, we spend most of our winter in thick wooly socks and hearty slippers. Candy.

new zealand cold houses

6. The angle

It’s lengthy been the Kiwi method to shut up and cope with it.

This wee island nation at the bottom of the world has long develop into accustomed to making life work with fewer assets. Nobody likes a complainer and in Kiwi tradition, being robust and having a blasé angle in the direction of hardships is very coveted. So it’s no surprise that the nation has been sluggish to vary.

In the event you’re chilly, you just placed on one other layer. In case you’re not sporting your puffy jacket inside, it’s certainly not that chilly. And who even are you for those who don’t have a minimum of two duct taped patches on your previous puffer?

new zealand cold houses

Most Kiwis will inform you heat management is best now than in the “olden days.” Although it’s nonetheless extremely widespread to see your personal breath while eating your breakfast. Or heaven forbid melting the ice off the shower curtain before you leap in.

So when you discover your Kiwi pals slipping into grandpa mode and telling you ways dangerous it was back of their day, just smile and nod your head. You’ll never break down a cussed Kiwi, particularly one who grew up with an outside rest room.

Despite my frustration and everlasting lack of ability to maintain warm in the winter, it’s necessary to maintain this rant in context.

I’ll eternally be working on “un-doing” my American shopper mentality.

new zealand cold houses

Dwelling in a less than an optimally heat home has truly made me think about heat and power; assume in a method that I was never pressured to consider it before. Nothing comes totally free; that particularly rings true whenever you’re a tiny island dedicated to creating do with what you’ve acquired.

New Zealand is consistently working in the direction of making itself a greener, extra environmentally acutely aware nation. With that comes the prices and bills of renewable power, identical to anyplace else on the earth.

In the USA USA, 89% of the power consumed comes from fossil fuels and nuclear power. Comparatively, only 60% of New Zealand’s power comes from fossil fuels and zero% comes from nuclear power. The opposite 40%? It’s all renewable power, baby.

So sure, it might appear hypocritical of me to take a seat right here and complain about a nation I actually do love.

Regardless of my annoyance at being cold inside come wintertime, I’ll still help New Zealand and their shitty cold houses. Particularly if it means they’ll proceed to attempt and save the planet.

In order much as I’d love to remain and contradict myself further, I’ve obtained some condensation issues to are likely to. Ciao!

Have you ever experienced a basic kiwi residence in the winter? What are your thoughts on this? Share!

new zealand cold houses

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